Finger Guns at High Noon


Health Points

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  1. Posse: If half or more of the Survivors choose Posse, all other Survivors lose 5 health. Otherwise, the Posse action is canceled this round. There must be at least three Survivors left in the game to resolve this action.

  2. Saloon: Show 2, 3 or 4 fingers. If you are the only player to show that number, gain that much health. If any other player shows the same gesture as you, both of your actions are canceled this round. If you are a Ghost or have 0 health, you cannot gain health, but you can cancel other players actions. You cannot have more than 20 health.

  3. Shot: Point two fingers on one hand directly at another player. That player loses 2 health.

  4. Dynamite: Each of your neighboring Survivors loses 3 health. You lose 1 health. Neighbors are considered to be the nearest Survivors to your left and right. Dynamite skips Killed players and Ghosts to hit the nearest Survivor. When there is only one Survivor other than the player performing the Dynamite action, that Survivor only loses health as one neighbor would, not both.

  5. Power Shot: Point four fingers on one hand directly at another player. That player loses 6 health. If you lost health to a Shot or Dynamite action this round, your Power Shot is canceled.


➷ Rules

- A round consists of 3 phases (discuss and draw, resolve actions, end of round)

- Any player can start a round by simply counting down “3,2,1....Draw!” They can do this as quickly or slowly as they want.

- Once a player does this they are the sherrif and can't count down again until someone else is the sherrif

- Once your hp goes down to 0 you are Killed (cancel action if you haven't used it), at the start of the next turn you're a Ghost

- Three or fewer Survivors, the Game ends.

- If there are no Survivors, all current Ghosts win. Players Killed this round do not win.

Action Order:

  1. Posse
  2. Saloon
  3. Shot
  4. Dynamite
  5. Power Shot

Read full rules here