The goal is to reach level 10

Each player starts with 8 cards

Play cards from your hand to table anything you can't use put in the discard pile (so you have 5 cards in your hand at the beginning of the game)

Card Types

Permanent or Wearable

You can play permanent or wearable items on the table in front of you. You can only use as many items as a person would be able to use. For example, you can only wear one headgear, one foot gear, or one armor. You can only use two hands worth of items (number of hands used are printed at the bottom of the item card). You can have any number of these items in play at one time. You can only have one BIG item in use at a time. BIG items say they are BIG in lower left corner.


You play curses on other players. Play curses at any time. It does not have to be your turn. The bad stuff on the curse card happens immediately.

Single Use/One Shot Items

These cards can be used during combat to help either monsters or heroes. Play during combat. Some single use items can be used at other times, such as before you kick down the door, or after a die roll. Read the text on each card for guidance.

Class Cards and Race Cards

You play class and race cards on the table in front of you. You can only have one class or race at a time, unless you also have the Super Munchkin (class) or Half Breed (race) card, which allows you to have two. If you don't want a class or race anymore, you can discard it at any time (even during combat). Discarded classes go to the discard pile, and not to the lowest level player.

Gain a Level Cards

Some treasures allow you to instantly gain a level. Play these cards when you draw them, gain a level, and then discard the card.

Turn Phases


Fighting Monsters

Check stats vs monster (add up all the values of your items and add to your level) ask for help (no more than 1 person can help you but everyone can help or hinder using one card each, help can include splitting treasure to bribe them)


Max hand size is 5

Cards vs items